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Our Story

Since the Sun Gems was established, Quality of Our Manufacturing, Diamond Quality and terms of business are standards in the Diamond industry.

Our Ethics


Each one of us will work with independence and independence across our work culture. We assume that this strategy encourages creativity and contributes to adding value to our Diamonds. We think our success is that our people are empowered to come forward and present their diverse experiences.


At Sun Gems, we build a work-friendly atmosphere that generates a greater instinct to commitment to our roles. We think that the ability to work success is just not a blessing but a consequence of the productive attitude and work strategy inculcating and sustaining inside this perfect habits and beliefs.


In absolute and steadfast faith, we always will treat all decisions and actions. Our working climate, procedures and production are filled with confidence and target to establish trust in our clients, staff, bank executives, vendors, after all businesses and all of us in our pervasive environment.


We will still operate in a community of cohesion and equity at all stages and roles. We are proud to create a community where all members of a family are part of this interconnected society, and not just staff but entire family members. As a family with one shared objective, we are motivated to meet the best level of services, loyalty and loyalty.


We at Sun Gems agree the secret to our success is relentless dedication. Our commitment to work hard each day allows us all to constantly cross benchmarks and encourages us to maintain our own great expectations. Through those years, that's been ours mode of progress.

Inspirational Guardians

Mr Nitin Lukhi


An individual of beliefs, an essence of sheer determination, Mr. Nitin Lukhi's trajectory from the lower hubcaps of diamond cutting to the higher tyres of the diamond industry, is one of dedication and meticulous determination. A pioneer with more than 20 years of experience in the acquisition, production and strategic planning of raw diamonds.

Mr Sanjay Ghevariya


Productivity, the term that describes Mr. Sanjay Ghevariya; his accuracy in shaping an accurate production method that fully reflects a rigorous way to proceed is remarkable. His expertise comes through his ergonomic passion for equipment and the people who own them. He has established the successful use of equipment in the company's manufacturing facility.

Mr Naresh Lukhi


Passionist, Mr. Naresh Lukhi, head of the Mumbai office, A established, results-oriented executive based on revenue and an authority on market growth. He has a tradition of having increased sales. As a naturally engaging personality, he possesses an empathetic communication style founded on natural warmth and excitement. Having a long experience of marketing to corporate customers, have what it takes to achieve your aggressive customer retention and sales growth objectives. His core attributes lie, first, in his ability to solve difficult problems with simplicity, and, second, in his ability to select high-caliber individuals for key positions.

Mr Suresh Ghevariya


Idealist, the term that correctly defines Mr. Suresh Ghevariya's solid hold on global trends and great marketing expertise has made sure the growth of emerging markets, allowing our Company to create a role on its own in today's competitive business environment in India, Hong Kong, USA, Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, Europe etc.

Our Journey

Sungems was established in 2000 in Surat

  • 2000
    Sungems was established in 2000 in Surat as a small scale unit. Company's designated partners started with cutting and polishing of small size loose princess cut diamonds.
  • 2001
    At that time Sun Gems did job work for other company. The company has not enough capital to buy rough diamonds because Sun Gems was a very small company
  • 2002
    We Gradually the company increased its staff as its capital increased
  • 2003
    We started our new office in Opera House, Mumbai
  • 2004
    We increased production of 10,000 princess cut loose diamond per month.
  • 2005
    Introduce new technology for our manufacturing unit
  • 2006
    We increased production of 20,000 princess cut loose diamond per month
  • 2007
    We believe in technology, we change our production system according to new Sarin Diamond technology which is based in Israel
  • 2008
    Gradually, as the company gets bigger, the company acquired double workspace to increase its production as well as quality and perfection
  • 2009
    Start round cut diamond manufacturing in the facility as increasing company production.
  • 2010
    We increased production of 20,000 Round cut loose diamond per month
  • 2011
    With the presence of the company in the growing market, we will launch our second new manufacturing unit in Navsari District.
  • 2012
    Start the Emerald cut diamond polishing department in our second manufacturing unit in Navsari District.
  • 2013
    We started our new office in Opera House, Mumbai
  • 2014
    We started our new office in Bharat Diamond bourse, Mumbai and The new big manufacturing unit in Kapodara, Surat, we need more workspace to increase our daily limit with respect to the company's growth
  • 2015
    Our entire production and sales method has been revised to expand quickly and obtain more quality diamonds.
  • 2016
    New technologies introduced as a result of expanding our manufacturing capabilities and production line
  • 2017
    In Hong Kong, we opened our office. Our designated partners agreed that we needed to make our service available to the entire world. As a result, the right diamond buyer can purchase diamonds quickly and easily.
  • 2018
    Reorganized our full processing unit for more efficiency and quick production of Diamond.
  • 2019
    Adjust our distribution system for our customer and deliver stone within 5-6 business days and satisfy the customer.
  • 2020
    now our 60% sells is come from Worldwide.
  • 2021
    In a couple of months, we will launch our new website and smartphone app with our existing e-commerce functionality after 2020, with more success with our valuable customers, so that we will now work more closely with our valued clients to provide the best experience from our side.
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